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Memo’s diagnostics area is its outsole and heel. They are divided into six numbered zones with cambered stripes. After wearing Memo shoes it is possible to access the degree of stripes abrasion. Depending on which zone is worn, insoles can be selected to correct the problem. This abrasion can also be very valuable information for your Doctor, Consultant or Physiotherapist. After a correct insole is selected it is advised that the child should wear the Memo shoes as often as possible. The period of use for Memo depends on the child’s age and the intensity of the problem.

Zone 1

Abrasion in zone 1 means healthy feet. In this situation Memo shoes act preventively.
If an insole is required use beige insole.

Zone 2

Abrasion in zone 2 indicates to use grey insoles, and wear Memo shoes continuously. When wearing grey insoles if abrasion continues in zone 2 then use an orange insole. If the abrasion area continues to be incorrect please consult your doctor.

Zone 3

Abrasion in zone 3 indicates to use orange insole and wear Memo shoes continuously.
If inappropriate abrasion continues consult your doctor.

Zone 4

Abrasion in zone 4 indicates to use orange insole and wear Memo shoes continuously.
It is also recommended to seek medical advice as further intervention may be required.

Zone 5

If abrasion occurs in zone 5 seek medical advise.

Zone 6

If abrasion occurs in zone 6 seek medical advise.

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