Classic sandal for boys and girls. High, stiff heel counter keeps foot in correct position, suitable for orthopaedic insole. » details


Diagnostic and prophylactic sandals for preschool boys and girls. Low upper and Memo diagnostic outsole make it perfect for indoor use at ... » details


Sandals with low upper suitable for orthopaedic insoles. Airy, light sandals of interesting design. Two versions available: for girls and for boys. » details


Diagnostic and prophylactic sandals with high upper. Perfect for boys and girls. Suitable for orthopaedic insole. » details


Prophylactic and corrective sandal with low upper, suitable for corrective insole. » details


Prophylactic and corrective sandals with low upper, suitable for orthopaedic insole. » details


Shoes for autumn and spring period. Trendy colours and design perfect for preschool-age girls. » details


Hook and loop boots for boys and girls. Made of grain leather, ideal for spring and autumn period. Suitable for orthopaedic insoles. » details

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